On Setting a Fitness Goal

There are different ways to be healthy and fit. However, it goes without saying that a majority of them are impractical and downright ineffective. Not to mention the absurd amount of marketing fluff that surrounds the fitness industry. It's also infuriating for honest and passionate people in the fitness industry to see ridiculous fitness jargons and myth perpetuations. One such myth that has the resilience of a hydra is the idea of being able to specifically lose fat in the midsection. No, the body doesn't utilize fat in that manner.


The best way to start out a journey of fat loss is to have a definite goal; a quantifiable goal. It doesn't matter if it's achievable in just a few months or weeks. It's a lot better to have a goal like "run 5k" than a generic one like "lose weight". The latter has no sense of urgency, and doesn't necessitate a well-defined workout program. Aiming to run 5k, on the other hand, can be enforced through appropriate workout plans. Also, with a measurable goal in mind, it's easier to track progress. And once that goal is achieved, the person who did it will already have enough experience to set another quantifiable goal.


However, it's worth noting that running and cardio workouts in general are not great for building muscles. Even if the focus of the workout is to have the capacity to run that far, it's still a good idea to read up on tips for bulking up and staying lean. Conversely, lifting weights alone can also benefit from the addition of cardio workouts. A good balance between the two leads to better results. Doing both will make a person realize that there are no easy ways to be healthy. It takes dedication, self-discipline and sacrifice. And, of course, having like-minded people does help in keeping oneself motivated.